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Making everyone more active by making workouts accessible and inspiring.

Lack of exercise will cost governments $300 billons between 2020 and 2030.


of adolescents don’t meet WHO’s recommended levels of physical activity.


of all healthcare costs resulting from physical inactivity, is set to occur among high-income countries.

Taking exercise more places

Some people want to workout at a gym, someone running at the track, others prefer yoga in the park. We need to innovate at a local level for communities to create more arenas for activity.

Giving athletes the tools to share knowledge

Almost everyone has some untapped knowledge about what excersise works for them to reach their goals. We are giving everyone the tools they need to share this knowledge - and get paid for it.

Continue your passion, and explore new interests

Either you are planning for your next half marathon, or you just want do something fun and forget that you are exercising - there most certainly is a squad for you.
Can't find a squad you like? Start your own


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